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    There are certain things you pick up along the way, that you realize you come to rely on.  Things, that the idea of giving up, send shivers down your spine and make your forehead sweaty…… Of course, this list excludes people and animals.  Those entities are designated list proof ;-)

    My list:

    1. Chapstick: really any lip balm/moisturizer. I have emergency lip balm stashed away everywhere in my house, car, coats, bags.
    2. Coffee: I’m not even particular any more. Once I discovered the Maxwell House singles, I keep an emergency pack in my bag.
    3. My Blackberry.
    4. Coke: the backup to coffee.
    5. Newton’s Telecom Dictionary.  You never know when you need to know what  a DNIS is.
    6. My Canon Digital Elph. This wee guy comes with me all the time.  Just in case.
    7. Hair Elastics. Elastics follow the same migratory pattern as lip balms.
    8. Slippers…. wnter, spring, summer and fall.
    9. Hand Cream. Also follows the path of the lip balm.
    10. Music: be it portable radio, MP3 player or CD based. Let there be sound.
    Your List?
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    I'll do this one in a few days.
    Just posted something I want some feedback on..
    March 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJorge

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