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    Collateral Damages at Allstream

    The past few weeks has seem some pretty significant folks leave the Allstream ranks in search of greener pastures.  It’s like spring cleaning for the career, perhaps. It’s  a little bit odd, considering the good feedback I’m hearing  externally about  how Allstream is  performing with customers. They’ve had  some great wins in the marketplace, and good announcements in the press. I had thought the ship was turning. Perhaps externally, the skies are blue, but internally the outlook remains stormy?  Whatever the case, at this rate of change, the re-greening of Allstream is progressing rapidly.

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    Ted Rogers Says No To Allstream...for now

    Quashing a suggestion that he might bid for MTS Allstream (TSX:MBT), he noted that investment analysts tend to favour acquisitions over large increases in capital spending but “Allstream would cost a huge amount of money, and for a fraction of that - but still a substantial number in terms of capital expenditures - we will go in the business with the newest technologies.”

    Rogers Communications triples Q3 net to $154M; stock to split, dividend up


    Hmmm….. It’s like no one wants to Allstream to the Prom. She’s standing there looking all cutesy, but no takers.

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    3rd attempt...

    despite my utter desire to write about the day that was, each attempt is too open, too revealing, and too close to the surface. suffice it to say, it ranks in the top 5 worst days ever….. ever…. ever….. i can still hear that echo in my head.

    for anyone who knows me, and knows where i work, likely you understand, nodding your head. for the rest of my viewers, my apologies at the vagueness i have to cover everything with. it’s difficult to be in such an odd industry. especially in times as they are. 

     … i struggled home at 7, and was never so happy as to get a good lick from the smapp dog. with furrowed brow, i imagine what life would be like without the continuing saga of [the company that cannot be named].