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    Valium With Your Milk?

    Who would have thought, in Ontario, that farmers are using sewage “sludge” as fertilizer for food crops? It sounds like such an American thing to do… (and I suppose it is)

    In Georgia, for instance, farmers fertilizing with sewage sludge discovered the milk that their dairy cows produced was extremely high in Valium. Several major food companies, including Campbell and Del Monte, won’t use food that has been fertilized by sludge, saying not enough is known about it.


    Macleans has a horrifying story on the usage of sludge in Ontario farms:

    About 120,000 tonnes of sludge are spread on 150 square kilometres of farm fields in Ontario with what critics say is no real monitoring system to track health concerns.


    The potential impacts are staggering. It’s a complete contamination of Ontario’s food chain. :-(